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"Hearing loss can affect your mental well-being and personal relationships. Hearing loss is stressful for you and your loved ones. Don't put off getting your hearing checked. Hearing aids can improve your quality of life. The service is excellent. Very knowledgeable & professional staff. My new, Phonak Paradise, hearing aids are wonderful! You will be amazed at all of the sounds you hear with properly fitted hearing aids. But for me, my favorite sound is having a wonderful conversation with my wife. Not having to say “uh” all the time and truly hearing her is my biggest blessing."

-Mark B.

As a part-time hairdresser, Charlotte Krauss knows that being able to talk and hear her clients is very important. When she realized that she started to miss pieces of the conversation, Krauss decided to look for a solution. And she found it, at Better Hearing Solutions.

“Some of the clients,... talk really low, and so I thought hearing aids would help me understand them better.” Krauss noticed an immediate difference. "I felt like I could understand all of the conversations better.

-Charlotte K.

"I am a reading teacher, so every day I am working on assessing students with their sounds -- how they can decode words, put sounds together and I was noticing I wasn’t hearing that.”

But then she visited Janette Call at Better Hearing Solutions.

“I wanted somebody close, and I had heard how they’re great to work with,” 

After her first appointment with Janette, Charlotte felt at peace knowing that she found her answers.

"Janette walks you through everything and is very supportive."

- Ms. Zoellner

“Excellent service and care. Always makes sure that my hearing aids are adjusted, for my hearing loss, to ensure that I can hear clearly. My new hearing aids have improved my quality of life for me and my family. Living with a person, who has a hearing impairment, can be stressful. Not hearing or understanding conversations can be stressful for everyone. The staff at Better Hearing Solutions helped me, by fitting me with a quality set of hearing aids, and custom adjusted them for my hearing loss. Thank you for helping me hear clearly, again!”

- Larry M.

"I’m a banker. I’ve been in that field for 30 years," said Steve Puchbauer of Perryville.

So naturally, when he found out that he was missing conversations during important meetings, Steve realized that it was time to find a solution.

“Janette suggested the hearing aids I have.”

After years of putting up with partial hearing and incomplete solutions, Puchbauer finally found something that would allow him to feel fully involved again.

-Steve P.

“I just finished my third visit with Better Hearing Solutions. There was and is no problem with my instruments; they want to be sure everything is working well. Great customer service.”

-Jayne S.

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