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Hearing Aid Verification

Hearing aid verification is completed on every hearing aid fit at Better Hearing Solutions.  Verification is identified by International Hearing Society as a best practice for all hearing aid fittings.  Better Hearing Solutions has been successful in using speech mapping for verification since opening its doors in 2008!  Not only is verification a part of our hearing aid fittings we believe every patient plays a vital role into a successful outcome, and therefore we also use a validation process to deliver the best results to our patients.

What is verification? 
Verification is a subjective (no response from patient) measurement of the hearing aid.  Better Hearing Solutions use an Audioscan Verifit to perform speech mapping.  With a tiny tube placed in the ear canal close to the eardrum we are able to measure the sound that comes out of your hearing instrument.  This is graphed by the Verifit showing the amplification compared to your hearing loss.  We measure soft, average and loud speech sounds making sure we deliver speech for better communication but yet keep sounds comfortable for the individual. 

What is validation?

Validation is part of our fitting process to allow the patient to give their feedback and input to meet their lifestyle needs.  This is completed during follow up calls, appointments and satisfaction surveys.  Validation is what we like to describe to our patients as the art of the hearing world.  After we have used the science to deliver the sound our hearing health professional uses the expertise and training to meet your individual needs.  Our validation process is like the finishing touch to a beautiful picture.

Better Hearing Solutions offers these services be bring sound to life for all hearing aid users.  If you have existing hearing aids that you aren't sure are meeting your needs contact us to schedule an appointment.  We will help you meet your hearing goals.

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