Patient Testimonials

Hear from our patients about their experiences at Better Hearing Solutions.


Helen Jokerst of Ste. Genevieve says that Janette Call at Better Hearing Solutions truly cares about her patients: “Janette is so helpful and caring,” Helen said. “She works very hard to ensure that your hearing aid is working for the way you live. I absolutely recommend Janette to anyone who wants to hear better.”

Rosalie Schwent of Ste. Genevieve recently stopped by Better Hearing Solutions to show us the beautiful handmade cards she makes for her family and friends. She makes 55 each Christmas for her children and grandchildren! “I love making handmade cards for my family with my daughter Joan and friends,” Rosalie said. “I used to miss a lot of the conversation around the table. But Janette has helped me greatly. She truly cares about how well I hear and how much I can enjoy my life!”

Ruth Barron of Ste. Genevieve has been a patient of Better Hearing Solutions for over three years. “I have worked as a caregiver for many years,” Ruth said. “I love helping people, and I can tell that Janette Call also loves to help others. You can see it in everything she does.”

Charles Hurst of Perryville is a new patient at Better Hearing Solutions. He and Janette are using advanced technology to help him hear better on the phone, while watching TV and listening to the radio. “After Janette fitted me with my new hearing instruments, I noticed significant improvement within one week,” Charles said. “I am completely satisfied with the service and care I receive at Better Hearing Solutions.”

Eugene Aurich used to hate being in crowds. “I couldn’t understand what people were saying, because I couldn’t hear them clearly,” he said. “I’ve been seeing Janette Call at Better Hearing Solutions in Perryville for a couple of years now, and I can hear — and understand better — what’s happening around me. Janette is easy to work with, and really wants to help you enjoy life more.”

Dorothy Gegg of Ste. Genevieve loves to visit Janette at Better Hearing Solutions. “ She is so helpful and friendly,” Dorothy said. “Janette is also highly trained, which means that she is able to help me hear better than ever. She gives you thorough exams, explains your test results and shows you how to use your hearing aids correctly.”